PlayStation 5 Hands-on by Japanese Press and Influencers Videos and Screnshots Revealed

PlayStation 5 and accessories

Game company Sony Interactive Entertainment has recently let the Japanese press and influencers try out the upcoming next-gen console PlayStation 5.

Famitsu and some of the Japanese press have tried out the PS5 as part of the YouTube Gaming Week in Japan. There were some influencers who joined in the fun as well. They are the ones who first got to try out the next-gen console.

According several translations by gaming media outlets, it was revealed that the PS5 actually runs very quiet with heavy games.  There were no details yet on the UI since it was not allowed to be shown yet to the public. SIE will be the ones to show it on a later date.

Dengeki Online shared that they were surprise that the fans were really quiet. 4gamer revealed that the system does emit some heat, but it is so minimal that a player would ignore it completely if not listened to closely.

There were also no details nor footage to confirm if the PS5 game suspend feature actually run efficiently. This would allow players to easily continue gameplay without rebooting the whole thing again.

The DualSense controller was shown many times during the demonstration. The translations do not give any more details about it specifically, but the footage does show that the participants were quite impressed by its features.

The hands-on previews also confirm that after many generations, the PS5 will finally swap the X and O configurations. The cross button will now be the confirm button just like the West while the O will be the cancel button. It will now be the universal controller button mapping.

The PlayStation 5 will be released this coming Nov. 12 for the US, Japan, and several other select countries. The reset of the world will get it on Nov. 19. The standard version costs $499 while the full digital version costs $399 only. It was also revealed in a recent leak that it will only let players use 664GB for storage.

Thanks VG247 for the translations!

Check out the PS5 screenshots courtesy of 4Gamer:

Here are some screenshots of the DualSense controller again courtesy of 4Gamer:

Check out the videos here: