PlayStation 5 Issue Occurrence Slowly Rising: From Not Turning On to Download Queue Bug

playstation 5

A few reports of PlayStation 5 issues have been appearing online, but hopefully they are all isolated cases.

A few days ago, the first PS5 casualty was reported with the console not turning on anymore after the owner tried to play games with an expansion drive. Today, few reports of not turning on and other issues have been reported. One of which is from @JayGame619 where his PS5 does turn on but nothing shows on the TV display. He calls it the #blueringofdeath.

@VelecityX reported that some PS5s have potential gpu issues. The account thinks that it may be due to yield issues on chips/overclocking.

On the side of media outlet IGN, their team thinks that the next-gen console is suffering from a bug that causes games and apps to be caught in a “Queued for Download” or error state. The only want to fix it was to do a factory reset. At least three of their staff members’ PS5s suffered such fates.

Others report that their PS5s have frozen for some reason. Some have this problem when they play games, but most of the time it was when they were on Rest Mode.

The lengthy downloads could be due to the download queue bug, however, there’s a possibility it could be your own internet. If it is your internet connection, you could consider a fibre broadband deal.

These incidents could just be isolated cases, but it does seem alarming. Everyone else is enjoying their PlayStation 5 purchase though as far as we can see online.

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