Modder Claims PlayStation 5 Jailbreak Has Happened: A Bad Omen?

Might be possible to install impossible titles soon in the future!

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A new report has revealed that a PlayStation 5 jailbreak has become a reality and seems to be in working order. In some way.

PlayStation 5 Jailbreak is True?!

According to the popular and high-profile mode maker Lance McDonald, he confirms that the PlayStation 5 console is now jailbroken. He has also released footage of what seems to be a jailbroken PS5 and going through its menu. It did not show a playable game, but having it go through menus like a normal PS5 would do is still big progress.

Exploit via User Guide

The video shows that the custom code is being read through an exploit in its online User Guide, which is quite ironic. When the exploit is run, it will allow users to access the debut settings and then install a game, which in the video shows the infamous PT demo. The problem right now is it is not playable. For now.

Still Can’t Play Games But Big Step for Jailbreak

The exploit’s use is currently very limited, still unstable to use, and can allow users to read/write access, but there is no execute. An example was the PT demo where players could install it but it cannot be played. Also, the system software required in order for this exploit to work is at max version 4.03 only. Over that and it will not work at all.

PlayStation in Danger

This will become a huge headache for Sony Interactive Entertainment if the ones developing this exploit make it possible to work on the latest firmware and make games playable. Just like other jailbreaks from other consoles, this will hugely impact the sales of PlayStation for its games as players will now just want to buy the console and pirate the games online for free. Sure, the big three gaming companies are already making huge efforts to fix this piracy problem, but there will still be others who can make this possible.

playstation 5 jailbreak
Haha, I’m in danger!

No word yet from Sony to comment on this big claim.