PlayStation 5 Finally Introduces New Way to Choose Version of Game Playing

playstation 5

Game company Sony Interactive Entertainment has finally fixed an issue in a rather stealthy way on the PlayStation 5.

SIE has finally solved the problem where players of the PS5 would get confused on what version of the game they are playing. Sometimes they would play the PS4 version since they did not choose which one during the download. What they end up playing is the backwards compatibility version instead of the upgraded PS5 version.

To finally end this issue, SIE stealthily added a pop up whenever players would get to choose which version of the game to play on the PS5. This was first spotted by Twitter user Tidux posting about something new on the PS5 with an attached image of the pop up.

This easily solves the confusion of choosing to play the last-gen and the new-gen version of the game. With the PS4 version, the visuals will only be upgraded a bit sometimes a bit of sharpening the images and upscaling the resolution, while the PS5 version is the best version for the new-gen console.

PlayStation 5 is now available worldwide.

Thanks VG247!