PlayStation 5 Trophy Videos Actually Record Audio from DualSense Mic

DualSense Controller

Several PlayStation 5 players have recently discovered that when the console records a video due to unlocking a trophy, it actually records the audio from the controller’s mic.

Some redditors have recently discovered this functionality and have accidentally recorded quite the high-volumed voices exclaiming victory in popular video game remake Demon’s Souls. Redditor Helloiamjack was surprised that his victory cry was recorded by the DualSense mic and now it is forever bound with the trophy he earned.

Another user also confirmed that he had a similar experience. SCOUSETOMO2003 checked the trophies he earned recently and found out that there were videos with the audio recording of his voice in high volume.

This could be memorable for others, but this could be problematic especially for those who celebrate with less-friendly words. It would be embarrassing as well for them. There are options to turn this functionality off, but that would depend on the player.

PlayStation 5 is now available worldwide.

Thanks VG247!