PlayStation 5 Cannot Back Up Game Saves Via USB Device

playstation 5

PlayStation 5 owners might have to subscribe to PlayStation Plus in order to back up their saves from now on since the physical back up feature is not available.

PlayStation 5

According to TweakTown, it seems that game company Sony Interactive Entertainment has removed the feature on PS5. The only way to back up saves now is via PS Plus to the cloud. The PS4 had both features, which was useful in times where players might want to change hardware, upgrade hard drives, or something complicated like a newly-formatted hard drive.

Before anyone gets angry, let us clarify: this only happens with the PS5. The PS4 still has the two options, one for USB back up and the other via PS Plus. Players can also transfer their saves from PS4 to USB drive and finally to PS5, no problem. It is only the PS5 cannot back up saves with the USB drive. Once they transfer their saves to the next-gen console, there will be no other way to back it up except for PS Plus subscription and it seems to be account locked too.

PlayStation 5 is now available in the US, Japan, and select few countries. The rest of the world gets it on November 19.

Source TweakTown via VG247