PlayStation Network Europe Will Slow Download Speeds To Preserve Internet Access

Bad news for PlayStation owners in Europe. Game company Sony Interactive Entertainment will be slowing down PlayStation Network downloading speeds in the continent to “preserve internet access.”

PlayStation Network Europe throttles Europe download speeds

SIE president Jim Ryan recently announced that starting today, the PSN download speeds in Europe will be throttled down. This means that it will be slowed down in the continent for some reason.

Ryan explained that it was to preserve the access for the entire internet community. Well, that much is true because most of the gaming community is now stuck at home and most of them are playing consoles like the PlayStation 4. Many countries around the world are enforcing lockdowns and quarantines at the moment due to COVID-19, so internet traffic will be quite high this time around.

Sony has asked for the help of the local internet service providers in Europe to manage the download traffic of PSN. There are signs that the downloads are slower in the continent and one of those is that it will take longer to start the download. This will also affect the automatic downloads. Ryan did confirm that the online gameplay will still be normal.

There are other online services out there that have throttled its speeds as well like Netflix and YouTube. It is also present in Europe, and with the same reason. The president did not give a definite date when the PSN download slowdown will be lifted.

To our European friends, stay at home, stay safe, and just be patient.

Thanks VG 247. Source: PlayStation Blog Europe