PlayStation Plus Collection Might or Might Not Get Additional Titles Later

The popular subscription PlayStation Plus has always been a big plus for fans of the PlayStation consoles. With the PlayStation 5, they now have the PlayStation Plus Collection, which gives them a lot of free PS4 games that can be played on the next-gen console.

This could be the end of the line, unfortunately, as the future of adding more titles to this benefit is not clear as of yet.

When asked about the PS Plus Collection, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan gave a reply in regards to it. It is a vague reply, which makes the benefit’s future not set in stone for now.

Well, we’re going to wait and see how the world receives the Plus Collection. You know, which games are played how much they’re played before we make any decisions about that. We think it’s potentially going to be a great user acquisition tool.

Ryan also thinks that the PS5 is essentially just a PS4, only better and can play PS5 games. So, the future of the benefit will have to depend on how it is received by the world. If everyone loves it, maybe they will add more titles, but if it is a dud, then they will abandon it, I guess. It would be a waste though in my opinion.

PlayStation Plus Collection is now available for those who have PS Plus subscription and a PS5 console.

Interview source: GQ Magazine