PlayStation Plus Subscription Stacking Possibly Got Disabled by Sony

It seems to be happening to those who want to renew their PS Plus subscription as well.

Sony Interactive Entertainment might have just disabled PlayStation Plus subscription stacking recently after some subscribers have complained.

The complainants who have already spoken with the PlayStation customer support recently have been told SIE has “temporarily” turned off the option to stack subs for PS Plus. It seems the game company is preparing itself for the big transition to the new PS Plus changes this coming June 2022.

Several reports have now surfaced online from Twitter, reddit, and other social media platforms. They all the same thing: SIE has suddenly stopped the feature of stocking up PS Plus subscription time. The number of complaints could not be a coincidence anymore.

It seems PlayStation Support has not been briefed about this yet and have replied as seemingly surprised of the deactivation as well. According to one of the posts, the tech support assures that the new development is only temporary and as soon as they get more information, they will let the players know about the details.

In another post, one player complained that they could not renew their PS Plus subscription time after running out. It seems this is also happening to those who have run out this month.

SIE has not made any official statements to explain this yet.