Japan Studio Officially Removed from PlayStation List of Studios

Patapon, Knack, and other titles might not get any sequels soon.

The official website of PlayStation Studios has officially removed Japan Studio, which is a bit heartbreaking.

After its announcement of its dissolution a while back, Japan Studio is finally removed from the list of studios from PS Studios. The one that has replaced its position, which is the fourth one on the top row, is Team Asobi, the guys behind Astro’s Playroom.

The disbandment of Japan Studio was due to SIE’s plan to focus more on Western developers now and also some of the key talents from the them have already left like Keiichiro Toyama. He has now formed Bokeh Game Studios.

This new development also confirms the fate of popular titles like Knack, Patapon, and others developed by Japan Studio. Unless a new studio carries on the development, we will never see a sequel to these titles again.

Team Asobi is now working on a title that will be for all ages. It will now the one to carry on the spirit that Japan Studio shared when they were still under PlayStation Studios.

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