PlayStation VR Sells 915,000 Units Worldwide

Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong has announced today PlayStation VR (or some as known as PSVR), a virtual reality system exclusively for the PS4, has cumulatively sold through 915,000 worldwide as of February 19, 2017 (since October 13, 2016).

“Since its October launch, PS VR continues to be well received by people around the world thanks to the high quality, revolutionary VR experience it offers. With more than 53.4million*2 PS4 units sold through globally we firmly believe PlayStation VR will take the lead position in the VR market” said Andrew House, President and Global CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment.  “We are increasing production to meet demand and will continuously support content developers as they create innovative VR experiences that are only possible on PlayStation.”

The PlayStation VR’s most successful titles include RIGS: Mechanized Combat League and Batman Arkham VR. Served as an additional gameplay experience in Capcom’s Resident Evil VII, you can play the whole game through VR-mode which makes it the first VR-compatible title with more than 3 hours of gameplay. There are currently 220 games and content in development for PSVR this year, and we’re excited for Bandai Namco’s Ace Combat 7. There are other games that supports PSVR such as Final Fantasy XV, Tekken 7, and Grand Turismo Sport, and also an exclusive PSVR shooter title, Farpoint.


Are you planning to get a PSVR this?