Pocket Rumble Coming To Nintendo Switch Before End Of July

Pocket Rumble roster

Game developer Cardboard Robot Games recently announced that their Neo Geo Pocket Color inspired video game Pocket Rumble is finally coming to Nintendo Switch.

Pocket Rumble coming to Switch after delay

Cardboard Robot Games delayed the game at first before its release due to some issues. They ran into some trouble with the game’s net-code. They are also a small team with day jobs, fixing those issue took a lot of time to do. But today, they have come back with a new development and the game will now be released on the Nintendo Switch platform by the end of July.

The developers compensated the backers who backed the game during its initial Kickstarter campaign for its delay. They backers will receive the Nintendo Switch version for free. After the release of the Switch version, they will focus on the PC version next with new content added and more bosses. After the updates are released and the game leaves Early Access on PC, the additional content will come to the Nintendo Switch via update 2.0.

The game is currently available on PC via Early Access. It will be available on the Nintendo Switch by the end of July.

Check out the trailer below:

Source: Kickstarter Page