PowerWash Simulator – Review

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Release Date
July 15, 2022
Square Enix
Future Lab
Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC
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PowerWash Simulator is a game that sounds like a joke but it is anything but. Made by FuturLab and published by Square Enix, the game is about cleaning dirty houses and vehicles with your Power Wash machine. And it has got to be one of the most relaxing games I have ever played. Cleaning a park slowly and meticulously to a shine feels really cathartic and it manages to appeal to the part of me that just wants to turn my brain off as I tune in to some music or some podcasts.

The game can be played in various modes such as in an interesting and relaxing Career Mode which takes the players on a loose plot where you are playing someone who is trying to grow their Power wash cleaning business.

The story of the game is all told through texts that make it look as if someone is offering a number of cleaning jobs across various venues. With each job done, word of your exploits reaches new clients and another job becomes available. Players can spend all the money they get from these jobs to upgrade PowerWash with new equipment that allows them to be more efficient with their cleaning. But honestly, the “Ting” sound after cleaning a specific part is very satisfying to hear.

Overall, the story itself was fun sometimes but it never amounted to more than just window dressing for the real game.

There are some specific types of materials that need to be cleaned with minimum intensity and with the application of certain soaps. New equipment is then required to deal with these new challenges. This may come in the form of specialized nozzles that are designed to do specific jobs. The progression comes from getting these items steadily, along with the new jobs. With each of the upgrades and new equipment, the changes felt evenly paced without being too overwhelming.

Each of the levels of the game can be very big. At the very start, you are asked to do small and simple jobs like a house or a car. Then they scale up to huge complex levels that take up at least an hour to get through. On the bright side, the more complex a level is, the more cash you get for completing it. Occasionally, the levels throw something different into the mix such as a constantly moving merry-go-round and a district hall that requires you to clean from far away.

The game does get frustrating at ties, especially when you manage to almost clean an area but are stuck at 99% for the longest time. This is especially in complex cleaning jobs where that last dirty piece is always in the last place you’d look. And in levels with multiple floors, this extends the level time greatly. All these jobs can be replayed in freeplay mode. They are just fun ways to replay the levels with all the upgrades.

Fast forward replay

After completing a job to the very end, there is a short fast-forward replay of that job. It should have been really fun to watch all that you’ve done throughout the level but the problem with the replays is that they are really blurry. But overall, it is a fun addition that feels underdeveloped. Other than the career mode, there are a few special jobs that take place in a fun, yet ridiculous place. Like cleaning a rover on Mars. Unfortunately, these side jobs don’t earn you money or add to your progression.

Another way to replay missions is through challenge mode. The mode itself asks players to replay a mission and beat under a certain amount of time. This sounds like fun on paper but is counterintuitive to the chill and relaxing tone of the game. The time limit just ruins it for me. It is an on ok addition, all things considered, I personally do not like it. Other than that, there’s the 6-player co-op mode that’s really fun when you chat with friends.

Overall, PowerWash Simulator is one of the best casual game experiences I have ever had. It does get irritating in some places but in the end, it is a fun and relaxing experience that’s worth playing. I would recommend the game to relax or just chill and hang out with friends in co-op.

PowerWash Simulator Review Featured Image
PowerWash Simulator – Review
Score Definition
When the issues of a game are rolled and stomped by its greatness, then it’s something to invest on if you have some spare.
Fun and relaxing experience
Great gameplay loop
Varied and interesting Modes
Satisfying sound effects
Co-op is a great addition
Challenging mode seems out of place