Preview: Raid on Skull Island – Avast, Ye Mateys! Swords And Bombs for Ye! | ARCHCon 2017

Out of all the games in ARCHon’s Game Jam, this is the one that’s heavily focused in its 3rd dimensional graphics. While the game does look nice, the one best word to describe it would have to be “repetitive”.

Raid on Skull Island is a single player Hack and Slash game that’s set in a Pirate themed environment where your goal is to get rid of every enemy until you make your way to the end of the game.  It’s set in a 3rd person perspective where the player can look all around the area from many different angles. While this is nice and the game can be fun, but the only way for the game to actually be entertaining is if you decide to make it so.

Developed by: UnrealHobby

Firstly let’s go over the controls. The player uses the W,A,S and D button to move the character while the right mouse button is used to attack, the left mouse button is used to throw bombs, and the mouse’s middle scroll button is used to dodge roll away from enemy attacks. The player can also heal up by pressing the E button to use restorative potions and use the space bar button to jump out of harm’s way.

While this game is more versatile than other games in terms of controls, the dodge roll felt completely unnecessary. It felt slower than actually running away to evade enemy attacks and it’s more likely to get you killed than save you.

And the bombs in this game felt very game breaking. All one had to do is throw bombs repeatedly until enemies drop dead to the floor. The reason why this is game breaking is because you have a large stack of at least 40 bombs in your inventory, and the enemies drop them as well, allowing for an almost infinite source.

That said, the bombs don’t even feel necessary as just clicking the right mouse button is enough to take down enemies without them getting one attack on you. The reason for this is that enemies are stunned once attacked, and clicking the right mouse button to repeatedly stab them with your sword won’t give them any room for breathing room. Although there are some that manage to recover quicker, it’s still easy to take them down as like the bombs, there’s an almost infinite source of potions in the event that you’re health is close to fully depleting.

The game comes with your standard enemy variety, ones that are melee and ones that use projectiles. There are even a couple of mini bosses but all of them drop dead in exactly the same way. The only exception would have to be the pirate boss wherein once you kill him, he revives at least 3 more times and summons other pirate enemies to try and take you on.

While the game has good camera controls and looks great, it felt as if it needed to be under development just bit more so that it would have really stood out from the rest of the games that took part in ARCHon’s Game Jam.

Image Source: UnrealHobby’s Facebook.