Preview: Word Cosmos – Let the Word Battles Begin! | ARCHcon 2018

Word games have been around for a really long time, so what else can people do to try to shake up the genre a bit? Well Freedom Creators have created an educational word PvP game wherein you’ll battle other players in finding out the correct words in different kinds of game modes and ultimately expand your vocabulary and possibly your reaction time when it comes to using the correct English words depending on the situation.

Freedom Creators had me play the tutorial of the game wherein I guess the correct word that describes the picture as fast as possible since the game continues with a new picture and set of choices until the timer reaches zero. While it may sound simple, the devs definitely cranked up the speed of the timer. For a tutorial demo, it was anything but inviting. It felt like they threw me in to the den of hardcore level 78 word champions.

However, that was probably the only part of the tutorial of the game that I didn’t like. Everything else was fun and once their game fully launches possibly next month on the Play Store for Android and in the future for iOS then the players can expect a whole lot more as the devs have prepared several worlds to unlock which will net you new avatars, game modes, difficulties, and whatever else the devs can think of.

Freedom Creators definitely aren’t new to the word game market especially since their previous game, Eigo Monogatari (English Story), was the #1 word game last month in Japan. So get ready to get your word on everyone!