Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown Introduces New Protagonist

A new protagonist and awesome new gameplay mechanics!

Ubisoft has recently revealed the new Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown with the latest trailer and details.

After the controversial reveal of Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Remake, the faith of the fans in the franchise has been shaken. It seems hope has been lost because there have been only a few updates from Ubisoft, but this new reveal might have just rekindled it again. The new Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown looks good based on the trailer and might be the game to look out for instead of the remake.

About Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

According to Ubisoft, Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown is an action-adventure platformer game set in a mythological Persian world. It will feature Sargon, the young, gifted warrior, and member of an elite group called The Immortals. They are tasked to rescue Prince Ghassan and explore Mount Qaf, a once wondrous place, now cursed and hostile.

Exploration and Gameplay

The game will let players explore a handcrafted world at their own pace. They can explore the majestic Citadel of Knowledge to the colorful landscapes of the Hyrcanian Forest. Unlock new time powers to unlock unique abilities and combine them in combat. Progress and delve deeper into Mount Qaf, solve puzzles, find secrets, and complete side quests.

Mythical Creatures to Fight, Big Bosses to Topple Down

Fight through mythical enemies, big bosses, and escape vicious traps. Combine combat and platforming skills to defeat time-corrupted creatures like the Jahandar, the Manticore, guardian of the Citadel.

When Will This Game Release?

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown launches on January 18, 2024 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

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