PS Plus Subs Still Higher Than Xbox Game Pass and the Numbers Say It All

Yep, still higher. Lost a few million but still higher.

A new report has revealed that the numbers say that the PS Plus subs is still higher than Xbox Game Pass.

The latest earnings presentation reported by Sony Interactive Entertainment has revealed that the number of players subscribing to PS Plus has now fallen from 47.3 million to 45.4 million this quarter. Based on these numbers, PS Plus is still way higher than the numbers that were reported by Microsoft for Xbox Game Pass. The latter has only gotten over 27 million subscribers.

Another interesting detail is another report by known industry insider Daniel Ahmad on Twitter. It was revealed that Sony is only making an extra 21 percent revenue per subscriber on PS Plus. This just means that more players are actually subscribing to the higher tiers, which are more expensive. More and more players are going for the Extra or Premium tiers instead of the Essential tier, which is the cheapest version.

Microsoft execs did say that the subscription numbers on Xbox Game Pass on PC are still growing but the console numbers are dwindling because most Xbox players on consoles have already subscribed. At least they are honest about it.