PS VR2 Reportedly Sold Fewer in First Month

Sony might make some price cuts soon.

A new report has revealed that Sony Interactive Entertainment has most likely sold fewer PS VR2 units in the first month.

Bloomberg has recently reported that IDC says Sony will likely have sold around 270,000 units by the end of March 2023. Vice President of Data and Analytics Francisco Geronimo suspects that a price cut on the PS VR2 will be needed or else it will be a “complete disaster” for Sony’s latest product.

Geronimo explains that consumers around the world are facing a crisis. They might be able to afford a PS5 but it will be harder to purchase a PS VR2 if it almost costs similar to the new-gen console. They are currently facing rising costs of living, rising interest rates, and increasing layoffs, which means they will not have time and money for another purchase.

Sony has declined to comment on the current report by Bloomberg, so it could either be true or false at the moment.


PS VR2 is out now with a price tag of $549.99.