PS2-Inspired PlayStation 5 Units to be Launched Later This Year

SUP3R5 has recently announced it will be releasing unofficial PlayStation 5 units inspired by the PS2.

These PS5 units are inspired by the majorly black color theme of the classic console PS2. SUP3R5 will be selling PS5 and DualSense units and pre-orders will start at 12pm PT on January 8. Both of the items will be limited only.

For the DualSense controllers, there are only 500 units to be sold. Each will be sold for $99. It will be inspired by the color-scheme of the PS2 controller with majorly black color and the action buttons will have the same pink, green, orange, and blue colors. For comparison, the normal DualSense controller costs $69.99.

The PS2-inspired PS5 units will only be 304 units both digital and disc models. Digital version will cost $649 while the disc version costs $749. The normal digital version costs $399 while the standard version costs $499.

The units are expected to arrive on Spring 2021. Check out the FAQs here.