PS4 Players Gets Exclusive Access to The Sarajevo Six Contracts in HITMAN

PS4 players will get exclusive access to The Sarajevo Six contracts in HITMAN. These are six bonus contracts that tell a self-contained side-story revolving around former members of a paramilitary unit called CICADA. Agent 47 will travel the world in pursuit of his targets, with one contract available in each location from the game.

Watch the YouTube trailer here:

The ‘Sarajevo Six’ contracts are exclusive to PS4 and will be part of the released game. You don’t need to pre-order to get them. Three of them will be available in March, and the other three arriving once the new locations are released. The first PS4 exclusive contract is available now as the game is launched on March 11. It’s called The Director’ where Agent 47’s target is Scott Sarno, Director of European Operations for the CICADA private military corporation.

A lot of non-Playstation users are still disappointed with this platform exclusivity saying that they are missing out on something good, despite previous announcements made by Io-Interactive.

UPDATE: We have contacted SQUARE to confirm if this information is genuine and still waiting for a response.

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