PS5 Beta Update Adds Support to Double the Storage Space Capacity

New Audio support and more got added too.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has recently rolled out a new PS5 beta update that would add a number of new features including support for double the size of the current storage space capacity.

PS5 Beta Update Big Improvements

The latest update, which was released in beta form, has now added various improvements, features, and more to the PS5 system software. It includes support for new storage space capacity size, audio options that allow 3D Audio powered by Tempest 3D AudioTech, and more.

Storage Device Improvement

The beta adds support for larger-capacity M.2 SSDs which now goes up to 8TB. This will give players more storage space now for the ever-growing library of games especially since the newer games have bigger file sizes now.

New Audio Support

Another major feature that got added with the update is the support that allows 3D Audio powered by Tempest 3D AudioTech. This made it compatible with Dolby Atmos-enabled HDMI devices like sound bars, TVs, or home theater systems. Here’s how to turn on Dolby Atmos:

To turn on Dolby Atmos, go to [Settings] > [Sound] > [Audio Output] > [Audio Format (Priority)], and then select [Dolby Atmos].

More and More Additions Plus Controller Features

There are also other additions coming with the PS5 beta like additional options to quickly find games and console tips, and new ways to connect with other players and customize their multiplayer sessions. There is also the addition of new accessibility features like assigning a second controller to one account as an assist controller and using two controllers to operate a PS5.

A new option allowed players to turn on the haptic feedback effect while using their PS5 with their DualSense controller, the DualSense Edge controller, PSVR2 Sense controller. This means system sound effects for certain events such as checking a box or when getting a notification or boot up a game.

Party UI Update

There are improvements to the social features including a party UI update. This allows players to invite another one into a closed party without automatically adding the player to the group or creating a new group. There is also the Share Screen Preview which gives invitees a look at the Share Screen before entering the party.

There are also additions to the ability to search for games in the library, an improvement to Game Help cards, and the ability to mute the PS5 beep sound.