PS5 God of War Ragnarök Console Bundle Just Got Cheaper

Best time to buy a PS5!

Retailers in the US have now significantly discounted the PS5 God of War Ragnarök console bundle today making it more affordable for the masses.

The PS5 God of War Ragnarök console bundle was originally priced at $559.99, which was quite expensive even for a PS5 bundle. At that time, it was first introduced due to the upcoming launch of the most anticipated game God of War Ragnarök. Now that a lot of time has passed, it seems the retail shops have now made changes to its price.

ps5 god of war ragnarok console bundle

From $559.99, the PS5 bundle is now $509.99, a $50 discount for the console bundle. Its discount is 9 percent lower than the original. The Sony PlayStation Direct store is now offering this price and apparently, this discount is only limited until April 15, 2023.

Amazon and Walmart are already having the price cut for the bundle. Best Buy is offering it a bit lower at $509. The standard PS5 console is only $499.99 so the additional $10 for a copy of God of War Ragnarök is a great steal.