PS5 Pro Console Release Window Claimed by Leaker

The leaker also shared other juicy info about other PS5 hardware.

A reputable leaker claims that they know the PS5 Pro console release window.

Previous generations of PlayStation consoles had various variants like Slim or Pro models. The latest generation with the Slim and Pro variants was the PS4 console, each with advantages and disadvantages. The latest generation, PS5, currently has disc and diskless versions, but it seems there have been whispers of new variants coming soon.

Leaker Tom Henderson recently shared Sony’s future hardware plans for the PS5. He said that the company is looking to launch new accessories for the new-gen console, including earphones, a new headset, the rumored Q Lite handheld device, and another rumored PS5 with a detachable disc drive.

Henderson’s report also said that there is going to be a PS5 Pro. He claims that this new variant of the PS5 will be released sometime in the holiday 2024.

The leaker claims that the PS5 handheld device, the Q Lite, will be released before the PS5 Pro is on shelves. The PS5 which has a detachable disc drive, however, launches sometime between the two devices. Note that these hardware units have not been confirmed by SIE yet.

The report did not say what the PS5 Pro features are but it could have the same ones as the PS4 Pro: a far better GPU, internal RAM, larger in size, heavier, and could handle the latest visual improvements that the PC currently has.