PS5 Pro Release Date Reportedly Scheduled for Next Year

Also rumored to handle various new resolutions and more expensive than the original.

A new report claims that the PS5 Pro will be released by Sony Interactive Entertainment sometime next year.

PS5 Pro Release Date Exposed?

The new report claims that the upgraded PS5 Pro hardware model will be released in November 2024. It was reported by Tom Henderson, a known leaker who has revealed PlayStation’s hardware plans in the past. He also revealed the Remote Play streaming handheld Project Q before it got announced and also had other info on other products.

PS5 Pro Code Name

This new PS5 Pro console is originally called Project Trinity, which follows the tradition of having the same Matrix-inspired codenames in the previous consoles like the PS4 Pro for Project Neo and the PSVR was called Project Morpheus. The scoop says that the PS5 Pro has been in development since 2022 with some studios getting a devkit of this brand-new hardware by November 2023 at the latest.


Henderson also revealed that the system will have improved framerates in 4K resolution, optional 8K modes, and accelerated raytracing. He does admit has a lack of technological prowess and that details have been hard to pin down so he cannot share specific details. These details have been mentioned before in previous rumors from other sources and it would be sensible that the next hardware upgrade would offer such features.


Based on the features that Henderson provided, the pricing would be understandably more expensive than the base PS5 console.

There has been no official announcement to confirm or deny these new reports of a new PS5 Pro.