PS5 Shortage is Now Over Says Jim Ryan

It's the best time to buy the PS5!

Sony Interactive Entertainment claims the PS5 shortage has already ended.

Remember that time when everyone was complaining they were not able to buy a PS5 in stores? SIE President and CEO Jim Ryan now claims the shortage is now over! Live at CES, he revealed that the highly-sought PlayStation next-gen console is now widely available all over the world. Scalper prices no more!

It is also evident in many stores all over the globe that PlayStation 5 consoles are now on the display. Compared to previous years since its launch, getting a PS5 would be like winning a small-town lottery that needed a few months before you could get a chance to have one.

Aside from the availability, Ryan stated the PlayStation 5 has now surpassed 30 million sales, a big milestone for the console. It has now shipped to retailers at least 10.7 million units during SIE’s current fiscal year, which ends on March 31, 2023.


Ryan also revealed that December 2022 was PS5’s biggest sales month yet. This helped a lot to increase the availability of the console, which will mean more buyers can get one in the coming months this year and beyond.

It is now the time to get a PS5 console at a normal retail price. No more expensive purchases from scalpers!