PS5 System Update Officially Adds Support for New High-End Controller

Prepared for the upcoming new controller!

Sony Interactive Entertainment has released a new PS5 System Update adding a new support feature for the console.

PS5 system update version 22.02-06.50.00 has been unleashed to the world and can be downloaded right now on everyone’s consoles. Coming from the official website of PlayStation, fans will be greeted with the same patch notes yet again, “Improves system performance”, just like in previous system update versions. In reality, there are various changes made to the console system, SIE just does not want everyone to know which got improved or changed. Unless the change is quite important, they will need to let everyone know about it.

For instance, the latest patch notes have an added line: “The DualSense Edge wireless controller is now supported.”

This confirms the official support for the new high-end DualSense Edge Wireless controller, which will launch globally on January 26, 2023. For those uninitiated, it is a DualSense controller with more customizable options to choose from. It includes swappable joysticks, more buttons, can switch profiles, and more. Also, it is quite an expensive controller, you are almost buying a brand-new console.

For fans who have already preordered their new controllers, this update will prepare their newly-bought items for their PS5s and can easily integrate with the system.

ps5 system update

Download PS5 system software version 22.02-06.50.00 today.