Ratatan Kickstarter Campaign Gets Funded Quickly

First stretch goal has also been accomplished!

Patapon spiritual successor Ratatan Kickstarter campaign gets quickly funded with a great stretch goal to look forward to.

Ratatan Kickstarter Campaign Funded

It was recently announced by the developers that the Ratatan Kickstarter campaign was funded within just an hour after it launched. The asking donation amount was $141,098 to fund the project at its lowest level, but it managed to earn that number in just over 45 minutes. Today, it has now earned $347,378 from 2,844 backers.

First Stretch Goal Cleared

The Ratatan project has several stretch goals have an online mode at approximately $347,000” and a console version at approximately $527,000. The page has not updated itself yet to reflect that the online mode stretch goal has been cleared.

Currently, the lowest standard tier of the campaign offers access to the game. It has an asking price of around $48. This tier has around 1,500 players already contributing.

Ratatan Follows Predecessor Patapon

Ratatan’s predecessor, Patapon, was a big hit on PSP and was one of the reasons the handheld had a big player base. The trilogy brought in a lot of players when they launched due to its unique rhythm-based gameplay and strategy. The first two versions got remastered on PS4 with 4K visuals, but did not gain that much attention compared to the glory days.

Ratatan is currently planned for PC without a release date yet.