Rebellion Talks About the Depth of Features in Sniper Elite 5

Here's everything there is to know about the features in Sniper Elite 5

Sniper Elite 5 Features Trailer

Publisher Rebellion revealed an update talking about the features for its upcoming Action Stealth game, Sniper Elite 5. An accompanying feature trailer showcases all of the game’s features and game mode, including the first glimpse of multiplayer and Invasion Mode, has also been released.

You can check out the Features Trailer below:

Sniper Elite 5 Campaign and Features

Sniper Elite 5’s expansive campaign is set in France in 1944 and centers around the events of D-Day. Elite sniper Karl Fairburne uncovers a Nazi plot called Operation Kraken that could turn the tide of the war back in their favor. Working in the shadows behind enemy lines, Karl has to use all the skills at his disposal to destroy Operation Kraken and the mastermind behind it Abelard Möller.

The full campaign is playable in two-player online co-op allowing players to team up as they fight Axis forces and track down the mastermind.

Invasion Mode

You can also try to thwart Karl’s progress as the new Invasion Mode allows an opposing player to join your game as an Axis Sniper tasked with hunting Karl down and talking him out. The invading player can make use of AI Axis soldiers to help them find Karl’s location, creating a high-stakes game of cat and mouse. Meanwhile, Karl can utilize phones placed within the level to gather intel on the invader and their location.

Can you turn off Invasion mode in Sniper Elite 5?

Yes, players who want to continue their campaign uninterrupted, they’ll be pleased to know that Invasion Mode can be toggled on/off from the game’s menu.


Multiplayer is not restricted to the campaign as a suite of tense multiplayer combat modes are also available. Complete with all format crossplay, Sniper Elite 5’s multiplayer features four core game modes each with a host of customization options.

Players will be pleased to see that the Kill Cam has been elevated. Clinical kills with pistols and SMG will now trigger the Kill Cam in addition to rifle and takedown kills. Bullets will ricochet off the bone, and cause increased devastation which is shown to the player in even more gory detail than ever before.

Weapon Customization

Weapon customization has also been greatly enhanced with players now able to change a weapon’s stock, magazines, receiver, barrel, scopes, and iron sights as well as its materials. This allows every player to create a suite of weapons that perfectly suit their individual playstyle as well as the mission that they are undertaking. Customization options are unlocked in the game by discovering workbenches that are hidden within the maps. At these benches, players can then customize their loadout meaning that they can adapt their playstyle and approach on the fly without having to restart a mission.

New Traversal Mechanics

New traversal mechanics have unlocked even more playstyle options. The routes you take can define if you are stealthy and stay in the shadows or go loud and take the fight to the enemies head-on. The ability to climb vines for example allows Karl to reach new areas of the map giving him sneaky routes, great vantage points, and access to secret locations further adding to each mission’s replayability.

Sniper Elite 5 Season Pass

  • 2 Campaign Missions
  • 2 Weapon skin packs
  • 2 Character Packs
  • 6 Weapon Packs

Sniper Elite 5 is set to release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (via Steam and Epic Game Store) on May 26th, 2022.

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