Red Dead Redemption Planned to be Remastered

There's a condition for it to happen though.

A new report has revealed that the original Red Dead Redemption video game will also get remastered and re-released too, but with a condition.

The same report that revealed that there might be a Grand Theft Auto Remastered Trilogy in the horizon from media outlet Kotaku also revealed that the original cowboy video game by Rockstar Games might get a remastered version as well. No details yet on what kind of visual upgrade it will have, but it will be ported to modern platforms and possibly, finally on PC.

There is one condition for this to happen though: the GTA Remastered Trilogy must have a good performance on sales. If it accomplishes that goal, then the Red Dead Redemption Remastered game might become a reality.

No other details were shared either a planned release date or the platforms it will be available on.