Red Dead Redemption Remaster Rumors Resurrected After Rating Spotted

Hardcore fans are really hopeful but some are skeptical.

A new Red Dead Redemption rating in South Korea resurrects rumors about a remaster.

Red Dead Redemption’s Popularity

The Red Dead Redemption series by Rockstar Games is one of the best in the gaming industry due to its gameplay, visuals, stories, and more. While the development of these titles has been long, the results were really good and a lot of fans wanted a sequel or a remaster/remake of the classic titles. This quickly sparked a lot of fan speculation, but nothing came out. These rumors quickly died down, but this new sighting has now sparked the rumors anew.

New Rating Sighted

According to Idle Sloth on Twitter, South Korea’s Game Rating and Administration Committee (GRAC) has revealed a new listing of Red Dead Redemption. It was simply titled “Red Dead Redemption” and was discovered earlier this month.

Separate Listing

Now you might be asking why that would be significant since it is just titled the same as the classic game launched in 2010. It is quite different because the listing is completely separate from the original Red Dead Redemption listing. The sequel Red Dead Redemption 2 also has a separate listing, so this is something new.

Unfortunately, other than being a separate entity and being rated as 18, no strange detail has been added to the listing. This does give hardcore fans hope that this listing might be a hint that Rockstar Games is finally going to announce the much-rumored remaster of the original game. Others are not that optimistic saying that this listing is just some kind of renewal of the game’s rating in South Korea.