Reddit User Discovers Weird Last of Us Gun Glitch

Joel seems have to have someone unseen loading his rifle for him when he's not looking.

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All games have their shares of glitches, whether harmless or game-disrupting. This week, a Reddit user playing the original Last of Us game just discovered for himself a gun glitch that nobody had spotted before.

A report by Game Rant said that Reddit user TheNorwegianNOKAS found out that Joel’s gun seems to reload itself while playing a non-combat scene in The Last of Us. The netizen uploaded the video of the glitch to Reddit, where he described it as a “self-loading feature.”

The video shows Joel rummaging about with his rifle slung across his back. It was then that TheNorwegianNOKAS noticed bullets materializing out of nowhere and entering the chamber of Joel’s rifle.

The post did not elaborate further on what the glitch exactly did to Joel’s ammunition levels, but it was hilarious yet creepy at the same time.

Game Rant referenced another glitch from the same game, which shows an underaged Ellie carrying a gun in a scene where she wasn’t supposed to be armed.

In July, Comic Book also reported about a weird glitch in the sequel, The Last of Us Part II, which gave the player the chance to kill Tommy Miller if they run fast enough in the sequence. It’s inconsequential to the game, however, as Tommy remains a presence throughout the story.

Youtube user Speclizer discovers glitch that allows users to kill Tommy in sniper sequence.

This week also saw the speedrunning community set abuzz by the discovery of a bug in Metal Gear Solid that allowed a player to skip a major sequence. This is where Solid Snake has to climb up a communications tower and then rappel down under fire from Liquid Snake’s Hind-D.

The glitch reportedly shaved 2 minutes and 30 seconds off the total time played.