Redfall Physical Version Reportedly Only Includes Download Code

No mention of a physical play disc at all.

A new report claims that the upcoming Redfall physical version will only include a download code and not a physical disc.

According to ResetEra, Redfall’s FAQ page on the Bethesda Support site said, “The physical Xbox copies of Redfall are Xbox Play Anywhere codes which can be played on both the Xbox Series X/S and the Microsoft Xbox App on PC.”

Based on that line, it does not mention any play disc inside the Redfall physical version. It only mentions a download code for Xbox Play Anywhere, which makes it playable on Xbox Series X/S AND on PC. If there was a physical disc, it should have been mentioned in the statement and not just a code.

Others from Reddit suggest that the code mentioned is only DLC or a code that will make the game playable on PC hence the mention of Xbox Play Anywhere. The Xbox Series X/S version will be a playable disc.

After it was confirmed that Redfall was going to require an online connection to play even in single-play mode, some players just made the connection that it would be only in digital and a physical disc would not be feasible.

Many players are now complaining that a physical copy would be useless since it will be digital only to begin with.

redfall physical version

Redfall launches on May 2, 2023 on PC and Xbox Series X/S.