Remnant 2 Confirmed to Have Much-Wanted Feature on New Gen Consoles

There'll be two game modes.

The Best Upcoming Looter Shooter Games in 2023 - Remnant 2 - Featured Image

Gunfire Games officially confirms that the video game sequel Remnant 2 will have a much-wanted feature on new-gen consoles.

Remnant 2 Confirmed to Have Performance Mode

The game community was concerned that the upcoming video game Remnant 2 was only going to have one mode when it launches, which is going to be 30FPS and the maximum visual setting. Due to that, studio Gunfire Games have now made an announcement to ease the minds of those worried fans.

Gunfire Games President David Adams confirmed on his Twitter account that the game on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S will have a 60FPS performance mode at launch. It does come with a warning from his saying that the game may dip occasionally, but overall it is “pretty solid.”

Various Features Included

Aside from performance mode, Adams confirmed that players are able to turn off any motion blur. They can also change their primary archetype, adventure mode will be available at launch, and the game contains various secrets. Since the studio confirms that there is 60FPS performance mode, there is also a Quality Mode that will feature 30FPS.

Remnant 2 launches on July 25, 2023 on PC, PS5, and Box Series X/S.