Remove 30 FPS in Batman Arkham Knight

The final installment of the Arkham series is now available! Unfortunately, physical copies here in the Philippines are delayed for a couple of days according to the local gaming store DataBlitz earlier when I made the phone call for some unknown “reasons”.

If anyone of you notice (if you already played the game), Batman Arkham Knight is capped on 30 frames per second unlike the predecessors where the frame rates were not capped. Super gaming rigs owners were disappointed when they discovered that the highly anticipated Batman Arkham Knight‘s frame rate is capped on PC. But good thing about PC, we can configure certain files to disable the frame cap. From a reliable source,, they were able to find where to disable the 30FPS cap:

Felix Nova, Game-Debate Writer:

“To fix the Arkham Knight 30 FPS limit, once the game is first installed, visit the BmSystemSettings.ini file and look for the entry MaxFPS=30.

Let me first say that editing .ini game files could cause Batman to become unstable.

Edit that line in the BmSystemSettings.ini file to say something like MaxFPS=60 and save it exactly where you found it. The sort of place in your PC file system that you might find the .ini file, if you have Batman Arkham Knight installed in Steam is..

YOUR_STEAM_PATH\Steam\steamapps\common\Batman Arkham Knight\BMGame\Config\BmSystemSettings.ini

Warning, some people report that doing that can delete your game. So make sure you have the files backed up somewhere so you dont have to reinstall/download them again. Also there is no SLI (dual graphics card) profile option currently in Batman Arkham Knight. Also worth a read, yesterday we reported that there was an AMD graphics card issue and so the BAK system requirements jumped slightly for AMD graphics users.”

So there you go Batman lovers! We have now a solution to disable the 30FPS cap in Batman Arkham Knight on PC.

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