Resident Evil 4 Remake Gameplay Video Reveals Details

Learn about the new mechanics.

CAPCOM has recently released a new Resident Evil 4 Remake gameplay video revealing details about the game mechanics and more.

The video comes from IGN noting eight new details of the game that the original did not have. The first one was the parry move. The knife combat in the original was only the last resort weapon for Leon, but in the remake, it will let him parry attacks if it gets timed right. Knives can also be used to finish off an enemy when it gets knocked down. Leon can then go down on the floor and slit an enemy’s throat and move on.

Side Quests got added too as the developers wanted the remake to be bigger than the original. Players will be able to find blue parchments all over the island. It will have hints of the next challenge. Usually, these will be fetch quests where the items needed are placed on a challenging area.

The Attach’ Case can have different color schemes to choose from and has charm in order to make it look good. Ashley has also improved with new mechanics like opening doors and more. Her clothes are now appropriate for the weather on the island, which was snowing.

There are new, fun weapons to use to kill enemies. One in particular was the Bolt Drawer. Stealth has been improved too to make it more realistic. Players can actually get past enemies if Leon is quiet enough and then kill enemies in one blow.

Lastly, there will be different boss fights and it will NOT be a quick time event anymore. Instead, players will have to fight him in true gameplay.

resident evil 4 remake gameplay video

Resident Evil 4 Remake launches on March 24, 2023 on PC, PC, PS4, PS4, and Xbox Series X/S.

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