Resident Evil Ambassadors Program Testing Unannounced Title

Resident Evil 3

Game company CAPCOM just sent out another invitation for the members of the Resident Evil Ambassadors Program to test an unannounced project.

Resident Evil Ambassadors Program members testing something again

Previously last summer, CAPCOM sent out invitations to the Ambassadors Program, asking its members to take part in a game testing for an unannounced game. That game turns out to be Resident Evil Resistance, which was previously nicknamed Project Resistance. Now, another unannounced title is in testing phase.

One of the members shared the contents of the email in recent post. A game publication has since been forwarded the same email, confirming its legitimacy. It stated that there are only limited offers to Ambassadors and CAPCOM has sent invitations to a play test session of their unannounced title. There will be priority seats at their game show booth.

The email revealed that the Ambassadors will need to apply to be considered for testing. The other is that the game show locations and dates are currently undetermined.

Fans can only speculate what kind of game will be tested. Some say it could be the remake of the third title. Others say it is not related to Resident Evil at all, which could be the rumored comeback of Dino Crisis.

Source: Reddit via IGN, PlayStationLifestyle

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