Resident Evil ApocaIXpse Rumors Reveal Main Character and More

The next Resident Evil title?!

A new rumor claims it has details about the next tile of the Resident Evil series, Resident Evil ApocaIXpse.

This new rumor comes from the website EvilHazard. It claims that the next title will be ApocaIXpse, like its predecessor VILLAGE, which combines the number nine in Roman numerals with the name. This will follow the story after RE Village’s main story.

This supposedly new upcoming title will star one of the major characters in the RE universe, Chris Redfield. As evidenced by the DLC story of RE Village, Chris at least survives until Rose Winters turns into a teenager. This will be a single-player game with no co-op feature.

Players will get to encounter familiar faces in this game like Jill Valentine who returns to the story and will play a similar role to Ada in RE4. She will act alone but will help Chris from time to time.

The story will follow Chris who heads to the BSAA headquarters in Europe right after the end of RE Village. It seems there is a new threat after Mother Miranda, possibly another Umbrella executive that has created their own “projects”.

The rumor states that the game has been in development for two years and will use many assets from RE Village and RE4 Remake. Another source claims that this new game has been in development for 6-7 years.

Claire Redfield will be getting a short cameo, Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong will not be showing up in this title, and it seems Rebecca Chambers and Barry Burton will not be making an appearance as well. Out of the “star-studded” cast, only Jill comes back.

The game’s ending will be about a sacrifice of a loved one, but Chris does not die in Rose’s story so it could be another character. New enemies that will be making an appearance in this game are monsters from mythology. Instead of monsters of the supernatural, these creatures will be explained in scientific terms. These are beings that got twisted by a mad scientist.

Zombies will be making a return here too, but only at certain parts of the game. There will be another castle too similar to Ramon Salazar’s or Lady Dimitrescu’s.

As for the official reveal? It is claimed that it will be announced sometime in October to November 2023.

For now, take all of these new details with a grain of salt.

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