Resident Evil Merch Includes Memo Pad, Pen, Report Pad, and Green and Red Herb Bath Salts

Currently some of the hot items on the CAPCOM store.

Game company CAPCOM has recently released some interesting new merchandize related to the Resident Evil franchise and one of them are bath salts in red and green herb forms.

Fans of the Resident Evil franchise will definitely be familiar of these bath salts since in the game, these herbs are really helpful in restoring health. These real life items are not going to restore life, but it can probably make the user relax in a bath tub.

Aside from the collectible bath salts, there are also other items with the theme of Resident Evil. These include a ballpoint pen, a report pad, and a memo pad. All of them are branded by the Umbrella Corporation, another familiar brand in the game.

According to Famitsu, the bath salts are priced 550 yen a piece or more or less $5. The Umbrella Corporation ballpoint pen is also 550 yen, while the report pad is 990 yen or $9 and the memo pad is 660 yen or $6.

These Resident Evil merch are currently available at the Capcom Store Tokyo location and website with international shipping. It could be available later on at events. As of writing, it is currently sold out.

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