Resident Evil Resistance was Supposed to be Permanently Free-to-Play

Resident Evil Resistance content roadmap

According to a new rumor, game company CAPCOM was going to make Resident Evil Resistance a free-to-play for almost everyone.

Resident Evil Resistance

The origin of this rumor comes from the notorious hack on CAPCOM last year. According to the source, RE Resistance, the multiplayer mode that released together with RE3 was going to be free-to-play at some point. The source does not say anything else, but it seems the game company had a change of heart in the end.

After the low player count and low review scores, it seems CAPCOM has already abandoned this game and is now moving forward with the upcoming new online multiplayer that will be released together with RE Village.

Resident Evil Resistance is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.