Resident Evil Village Early Design Concepts of Daughters were Wild

With the imminent release of the latest survival horror video game sequel Resident Evil Village, Kellen Haney from CAPCOM talks with Game Director Morimasa Sato about the early design concepts for Lady Dimitrescu’s lovely vampire daughters.

Sato revealed that the original drafts of the daughters were quite different than the final version. Since they are vampires, they had the ability to drink blood and then gain abnormal strength as an after effect. There was also an idea where the daughters would get mummified if they did not get a constant supply of blood. This was axed because the development team felt it was comical, but it was fun at the same time.

The next idea was having the daughters have wings spread out from their heads, which were scary if anyone imagines it. This became basis for some other games that can be found in the game. Since they had orders that the daughters should feel like as “bosses,” this concept was scrapped as well. This made it feel like they were the same as common monsters, so this was tossed out.

In the end, they settled for the swarm of insects since it felt terrifying to encounter such beings that players could not fight against with. They are not easily defeated so they went for this concept.

Sato stated that what they wanted for the daughters for the players to feel when they encounter them was fear. The kind of fear that would make them say “I hope they do not show up”. He even stated that if players think “They’re strong and scary… yet they’re beautiful,” then they have accomplished what they have set out for.

Resident Evil Village launches today on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Also, check out these 5 fanarts of the “Big Tall Lady”.

Interview source: PlayStation Blog