Resident Evil Village on PS5 Offers Authentic Horror Experience

Upcoming video game Resident Evil Village is one of the most anticipated titles to launch this year as it continues the story of Ethan Winters as he tries to find his kidnapped daughter in this mysterious village filled with secrets, monsters, and a very tall lady that has captured the hearts of the internet.

Lady Dimitrescu is not pleased.

The new RE Village will be launching on old consoles, PC, Xbox Series X/S, and most of all on PlayStation 5. If it is coming to new-gen consoles then that means this game will definitely have features that will take advantage of its incredible hardware like 3D audio, the DualSense controller, and fast-loading SSD. The game’s Producer Peter Fabiano shares these details on the latest Official PlayStation Magazine issue (March 2021).

Fabiano revealed that 3D audio in this game will be amazing and a no-brainer since it is a horror game. With this feature, it will make the castle’s atmosphere super intense. “You will be full bathed in audio from all directions.” That means players will have to look in every direction if they hear a terrifying sound from afar… or nearby.

The PS5 SSD has “virtually eliminated load times, allowing players to keep the feeling of immersion.” This meant if Ethan dies, it will load almost automatically that players would not even blink. It could even be that it will load saves after a second. That there is full immersion already.

The most impressive feature that Fabiano prides in is the visuals on the PS5. When exploring outside, the snow would flurry around the character realistically, which will make the horror experience even more terrifying. It will mask the creatures the heighten the frights. The castle’s interior has so much detail like the carved wooden staircase that players will see when entering the front doors.

“The team has put a ton of effort into creating a truly authentic feel,” says Fabiano. “We are aiming to have the optimum framerate available depending on the hardware.” He added that on the PS5, the game will run in 4K resolution.

With the help of ray-traced shadows and reflections, RE Village has so much detail and the terror felt real.

Resident Evil Village launches on May 7.