Retro-style Shoot-em-up Decline Takes You Back In Time


Game developer Grep announced the release of Decline, a retro space shoot-em-up for Android users. iOS and Windows versions are currently in development.

Decline is a retro space shoot-em-up in the style of similar games from the 90s.

Pilot an upgradeable ship through a series of increasingly frantic levels while collecting powerups and cash.


  • Procedurally generated ships
  • Powerups, Weapon + ship upgrades
  • Tons of weapon + bullet types
  • Teleport out of danger
  • Telefrag enemy ships
  • Bite-sized: <10 minute games)
  • Online high-scores
  • Auto-save on quit
  • Free! (Minimally ad-supported)

Decline is now available for free for Android users via the Google Play store.