Roblox Layoffs 30 Staff in Talent Acquisition Team

Despite its announcement of launching on PlayStation consoles next month.

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The company behind the video game creation platform Roblox has recently laid off 30 staff in the talent acquisition team due to slow hiring.

The Roblox team has now laid off 30 staff in the company’s hiring team as the hiring slows down. It also follows the period of dramatic growth for the game which now has 250 million monthly active users. That is way more than Minecraft and Fortnite combined.

According to a statement provided by a spokesperson to media outlet Techcrunch, the company is committing to getting its cash compensation growth in line with its bookings growth by the end of Q1 2024. This is the reason for the reduction of the talent acquisition organization in order to meet its adjusted hiring needs.

Last month, Roblox announced that it would advertise jobs at the company from within the game via a virtual career center. Applicants will appear at events, podcasts, and conversations with existing employees. This will now be designed for candidates in junior roles for now.

With the game’s upcoming release on PlayStation later on October 10, 2023, Roblox will start to gain more players on another platform. The recent move by the company might be for the better.