PS5 with Detachable Drive Works Perfectly Says Leaker

Somehow, it works without any issues despite its special feature.

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New leaks claim that the possible new PS5 with the detachable drive works quite well.

According to leakers, there is a new PS5 type that is getting developed right now and the test kit is already getting tested out by various developers. Leaker Henderson says that his sources are telling him that the PSP5 with detachable disk drive test kit is getting tried out and some of them say it just works flawlessly.

The sources say that the test kits they have tried out does not have any faults at all and detaching and attaching the disk drive is smooth and easy to do. Henderson revealed that the disk drive will be a separate purchase option that connects with a USB-C port. The sources also say that the disk drive can easily attach to the PS5 console without even looking like an external accessory.

No official statements yet from Sony Interactive Entertainment to confirm the details.

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