New Nintendo Switch Model Rumored to have Exclusive Games Not Playable on Previous Models

Rumor suggest that the supposedly-upcoming new Nintendo Switch model will have exclusive games that are not playable on others.

This new rumor came from ResetEra user NateDrake, who has leaked several information previously. Most of them became true, which makes him a legitimate source of trustworthy information.

According to the leaker, the new model will have select exclusives and most of them will come from third-party partners. He does not know the exact number of games that will have this type of exclusivity, but he does know of one particular title that he is 100 percent positive will be exclusive to the new model only.

If these exclusive titles are going to be inserted into the previous models like the original Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite, they will not play and will only give an error message.

This has actually happened before with the Nintendo 3DS and the New 3DS models. One particular title, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, an upgraded version of the original game, was only playable on the New Nintendo 3DS XL system.

Previously, rumors suggest that this new Switch model if docked will be compatible with 4K displays.

Again, take these rumors with a grain of salt for now. No official confirmation from Nintendo was released.

Source: ResetEra