Sackboy: A Big Adventure – Review

Release Date
November 12, 2020
Sony Interactive Entertainment
Sumo Digital
PS4, PS5
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Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sackboy greets fans of the LittleBigPlanet series and new players alike to an adorable adventure in the beautiful planet of Craftworld with all its unique and eccentric characters. 

This action-adventure game is double the fun with friends or family to sit down with as you traverse through levels in an attempt to save your fellow “craft” friends from the evil Vex. With a maximum of four players, the levels differ in its difficulty as you fight Vex’s minions while solving mini-puzzles, finding your way through the obstacles, and acquiring the required collectibles, as well as the unlockables. 

There are multiple levels in each stage that you need to complete before heading to a boss fight to move on to the next location. In a couple of stages, you’ll encounter and understand the lore and the villain of craftworld, your role in the story, and what you must do to be able to defeat Vex and save your friends. 

While Sackboy can be played individually, the true joy in this game is through couch co-op. The levels are noticeably designed to cater to at least two players to be able to get every point and coin in the level. The environment makes it clear that it’s through teamwork that will get you through the game completely.

The game strongly emphasizes your need to work together, communicate, and just have fun with whatever’s coming your way. It’s one of those games that are perfect in its timing of release as our quarantine period extends. 

There are also specific areas that are specific to co-op play, which can be done by going online and finding a random pair — if that’s what you prefer, of course. 

The levels are not particularly difficult. They are easy enough to beat and accomplish, but it will test your ability to thoroughly explore and see possible secrets to get every collectible there is. 

To make each Sackboy unique, players are also given the opportunity to change how they look through browsing the purchasable outfits in Zom Zom’s shop. The in-game coins are collected throughout the levels and through bonuses and secret rooms. It’s also possible to mix and match certain outfits to make your cute little sackboy as unique as can be. 

The outfits and colors can range from the wackiest of designs to nods to popular culture. It gives you the exact feel of how colorful and exciting the world of Sackboy is. Besides accomplishing the story and getting a perfect score on each round, it’s honestly the interchangeable clothing that can also make the game fun and enjoyable for players who enjoy those kinds of features. 

The game is also quite lengthy, with multiple worlds, bonus levels, and the extras. Sackboy does well in keeping their players entertained for days to weeks, and even months if you and your friends are the type of people that love those golden badges on every perfect round in the game. 

Unfortunately, a fun and enjoyable game like Sackboy is not safe from the dangers of frequent glitches and needed resets. In the extra world of requiring co-op gameplay, there are instances where the screen stays white. While you’re aware that you’re moving as a button prompt pops out on the screen whenever you “walk” to somewhere you think you can press — you see only a white and empty screen.

It’s possible to fix this, however, by either trying to find your way back to the rocket that can take the players back OR resetting your entire game. While it’s not the most game-breaking glitch, it makes players possibly not want to enter that world at all. 

Character glitches also exist, such as getting stuck behind objects that you can’t fix at all. If you’re in co-op mode, that’s easily remedied by just having the second player walk away so you can respawn. Individual players will have to restart. 

While definitely the annoying types of glitches, it takes away only little to what we can still find enjoyable as we progress. It can either be our competitive spirit or our ambition to fully complete the game that drives us from it’s faults — but it can also be the type of errors that can take away a player’s own likeability with the game if it continues.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure – Review
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When the issues of a game are rolled and stomped by its greatness, then it’s something to invest on if you have some spare.
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Couch co-op
World glitches