Samurai Warrior 5 Offers New Mechanic Support Characters and More Character Details

Game publisher Koei Tecmo and Omega Force have recently released new details about the upcoming video game Samurai Warriors 5 with details on a new mechanic and more.

According to the representatives present on the recently concluded livestream, there is a new mechanic to use in the game. This is the Support Characters feature, which consists of 10 supporting characters. They are playable in the game, but they have a different mechanic compared to other characters.

In the game, these characters will help the players attack forts, give power ups, or offer tactics to defeat enemies. They can be essential to break some tough challenges that might block the player’s goals.

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Here are more details of these new supporting characters:

Nobuyuki Oda
Nobunaga’s younger brother.
In contrast to his brother, he is a very calm and modest young man. While he admonishes Nobunaga for his recklessness on a daily basis,
he respects him and occasionally goes into battle with him in order to provide support.

Motonobu Okabe
The Imagawa family’s retainer.
A seasoned military veteran.
He highly honors loyalty and will do anything to allow his lord to be victorious.
Eventually he would serve Takeda, and would stand in the way of the Oda and Tokugawa families for many years to come.

Katsuyori Takeda
Shingen Takeda’s son.
A sincere young man.
He both respects and fears his father. He would eventually become the head of the Takeda family,
battling with all of his might in order to protect his family name, which his father had worked so hard to build up over the years.

Motoharu Kikkawa
Motonari Mōri’s second son.
His entire family honors military prowess above all else. He works to support his family alongside his resourceful brother
Takakage Kobayakawa. He loves taking part in battles and always anticipates taking on strong foes.

Terumoto Mori
Motonari Mōri’s grandson.
He is set to succeed his father, who passed before his time, as the head of the Mōri family. He greatly respects Motonari,
his grandfather who raised him, and works hard every day in order to be a great head of the family like him.

Dosan Saito
The great daimyō of Mino.
He worked his way up to become a great daimyō, and is now known as “The Viper of Mino.”
After battling Nobunaga, he recognized how extraordinary he was and asked him to marry his daughter. However…

Yoshitatsu Saito
Dōsan Saitō’s son.
Due to his arrogance, he is not well liked by his family, and Dōsan is quite cold to him as well. When he sees that Dōsan
begins to support Nobunaga more than him, his discontent begins to grow.

Yoshikage Asakura
The great daimyō of Echizen.
Even during the turbulent times of the Sengoku period, he is known as a pacifist who is greatly against fighting. His goal is to keep Echizen as a
peaceful place, and has no interest in ruling the country.
During Mitsuhide’s period as a nomad, he welcomed him as a guest samurai and worked with him for a period of time.

Yoshiaki Ashikkaga
The 15th Shogun of the Muromachi Shogunate.
After gaining help from Nobunaga and arriving at the capital, he became a shogun after his older brother Yoshiteru was murdered. While he conducts
himself as a member of the shogunate family, in the face of danger, his cowardly side emerges.

Fujihide Mitsubuchi
Yoshiaki Ashikaga’s chief retainer.
An exemplary warrior who supports the young Yoshiaki. While he is courteous to everyone, he cannot tolerate any enemy of the shogunate family.
He has been friends with Mitsuhide ever since he started working with Yoshikage Asakura.

More details will be shared later on.

Samurai Warriors 5 will be released on June 24 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Thanks to our resident writer Conrad Huang for the research and Japanese to English translation!

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