Sea of Stars Achieves Sales Milestone in Just One Day

The retro-RPG gains 100K sales in just a day.

Classic-style RPG Sea of Stars has now achieved a big sales milestone in just a day.

In just one day, the recently launched retro-style RPG Sea of Stars has sold 100k copies. The Messenger developer Sabotage Studio is now celebrating due to its big success as the game launched on multiple platforms. It also launched simultaneously on both Game Pass and PS Plus on the same day, the first game to make this happen.

The developers announced this sale reveal on the game’s Twitter account, which specified copies sold rather than the game’s overall players. This meant that the number announced was the one from Steam and Switch.

The game was first announced three years ago via Kickstarter and since then it has had a strong following due to the developers’ previous popular titles and its features.

Sea of Stars is now available on PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation.

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