Sea of Stars: How to Defeat Croustalion (All Arena Battles)

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Final requests in an RPG are often connected to something very personal to the individual issuing them. Be it revenge or a form of closure, you are almost compelled to see them through before fighting the final boss. In the case of B’st, however, things take a less serious tone.

Our favorite spirit in a glass golem has always wanted to explore the world. Something he could never do while under the curse of the Fleshmancer. But now, in the home world, B’st can do all the things previously impossible. This involves challenging the Champions of the Arena over at the Port Town of Brisk.

In this Sea of Stars achievement guide, I’ll tell you how you can defeat the Arena Champion Croustalion and get the Glassdiator Achievement. The Arena is a series of fights that you’ll need to conquer to be able to challenge the Champion of Champions. You are required to adhere to the party presets for each rank before having the ability to freely change up your party against Croustalion.

How to Access the Arena in the Port Town of Brisk

The Port Town of Brisk has seen major changes since the Dweller of Strife nearly destroyed the place. Most notable of them all is the addition of a newly built Arena in the top right portion of the map. You can actually see the townspeople doing work on it over time. But the Dweller’s Fall Arena won’t be open to the public until late in the game before the party decides to attack the Fleshmancer’s fortress.

There are 3 normal ranks that the player must conquer before challenging the champion of champions. Each rank contains three fights in total. You won’t be able to heal in between rounds. Worse still, your combo meters will reset after each fight. Keep that in mind so that you won’t get caught off guard. We’ll go over what you can expect on the way to the final fight.

Bronze Rank

  • Participants:
    • B’st
    • Valere
    • Resh’an.
  • Contender Rounds:
    • 3 Crab monsters
    • 3 Desert dwellers
  • Bronze Champions: Gulgul Goof Troup
    • Gulgul and friends
      • Nothing remarkable about this one
  • Reward:
    • Sapphire Ore

Silver Rank:

  • Participants:
    • B’st
    • Zale
    • Serai
  • Contender Rounds:
    • Prickly Pirate Party – 3 undead pirates
    • 2 Owl Knights and 1 Skeleton Warrior
  • Silver Champion: The Watchmaker
    • Clockwork Abomination
      • Summons minions
      • High single damage with lots of health
      • Recommend AOE attacks to maintain focus on boss
  • Reward:
    • Sapphire Ingot

Gold Rank:

  • Participants:
    • B’st
    • Zale
    • Valere
  • Contender Rounds:
    • Big Buggy & Bad Bunnies
      • Watch out for the bunnies’ AOE attack
      • Resistant to most attacks
    • Basic Basement Batch
      • Team “All-In”
      • No healer, quick attacks
  • Gold Champion: Sylgain
    • Deceptively easy
    • Uses his human cannonball attack semi-frequently
    • Tends to target one member of the party
  • Reward:
    • Reaper’s Mercy Accessory

By conquering the Gold rank, B’st and the party unlock the Special Rank. There is only one round to this fight and it’s winner takes all. All members of the party are able to participate in the bout. I think this is fair considering the boss is one tough cookie to beat with just 3 party members.

How to Defeat Croustalion

Croustalion is one of the toughest optional bosses you’ll encounter on a first playthrough. It is literally a living tank that can take one heck of a beating and dole out punishment in equal measure.

Croustalion’s first two actions are the summoning of two Measuring Chests. Don’t be deceived by their appearance. These combat boxes are the best support any boss can ask for. The right chest casts offensive magic, while the left chest is focused on healing magic.

The usual tactic is to focus on the support units before going for the boss. But herein lies the problem: Croustalion hits like a dump truck. If you give the champ the slightest breathing room, you are going to get beat down to dust.

The one attack you need to watch out for is Petarade. In this attack, Croustalion will shoot several cannonballs into the air. One by one, they will string attacks on any random party member. Deflecting this attack is crucial as every barrage has the potential to gravely damage your entire party… or worse. Time those blocks as well as you can and hope that the support boxes aren’t going to attack next.

The hardest lesson I’ve learned during the fight is that you really need to be careful when performing a Moonerang ability. The distance between your character and the boss is so short that you’ll have to be incredibly sharp to capitalize on more than one hit. I was so surprised when my attack bounced off short causing me to panic and miscalculate horribly.

In the end, I opted to go for a battle of attrition. I would tank the damage coming from the right Measuring Chest while focusing most of my efforts on breaking Croutalion’s channeling spell. And then, if I can get away with it, launch high damage single damage attacks on the left Measuring Chest.

The idea is to out exhaust the enemy. The chests can take a beating but they can’t take a sustained offensive. I would save up for Ultimates holding off their heaviest hitters. It took a while but I knew the battle was essentially over the moment the healing was gone for the enemy team.

Afterward, I went back to prioritizing lock breaks and side-swiping the right chest. Whatever I can get away with. In the end, all the Croutalion had to work with was a an anchor throw attack and a surprise body slam. It was a slow death spiral.

The moment Croutalion goes down, you’ll be rewarded with the Glassdiator Achievement. The curse binding Croutalion has vanished, reducing its size greatly. The former champ is so impressed with B’st that the cute crab becomes part of the Vespertine crew.

On top of that, Croutalion presents B’st with the Legendary armor, Victric Simulacrum. A most worthy prize from such a once powerful foe.

And that’s everything we have for this Sea of Stars Glassdiator Achievement/Trophy guide. I hope you have found it useful in more ways than one.

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