Sea of Thieves Finally Adding Most Awaited Feature for Five Long Years

Plus the addition of the Guilds and more!

Rare has recently announced that Sea of Thieves will be getting a most awaited Sea of Thieves feature that fans have been waiting for five and a half years.

It has finally happened. After five and a half years since the game launched, Rare adds private servers to Sea of Thieves. This means that a single crew of up to four players can explore the world without fear of PvP encounters. These new servers will be available starting sometime in December 2023 as part of the multiplayer pirate adventure’s Season 10.

Season 10 will be released on October 19, 2023 and will introduce a major new feature each moth ahead of 2024. This meant all content originally planned for 2023 would arrive before the end of the year.

Sea of Thieves, starting on October 19, 2023, will introduce Guilds. It is described as a “new way for players to form meaningful bonds beyond their immediate crew”. Players who have reached Captain status and have their own ship can start a guild. They can pick a name, logo, and emblem. They can support up to 24 invited players.

Next up is the debut of a new type of world event, the competitive hunt for the Skull of Siren Song. This unique Voyage will be available to all crews on a server simultaneously, pitting them against one another in a race to find and deliver the ancient artefact.

Safer Seas is a new game mode for Sea of Thieves which are private servers for fans who want to sail alone with a chosen crew of friends. Complete Tall Tales or catch fish alone or with friends in this private server. There is a consequence for this though: reduced risk means reduced rewards and players will not be able to explore the full breadth of the game’s offerings.

Sea of Thieves is out now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.